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Old Man in the Sea Heroism

             Santiago was a man who would not quit. When out fishing, the old man did not.
             consider it work but more of a lifestyle. No mentally inept man could do the job; it took.
             a man of good strength, courage and the ability to not go insane on the high seas; it took a.
             hero. To be a hero is to have courage, mental strength, and physical strength.
             Courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger.
             with confidence and bravery. Santiago proved he had what was necessary. The old man.
             set out to catch the biggest fish in the whole sea, and he was not coming back empty.
             handed. He was searching for his own individual essence, defying all odds, and going.
             after a fish larger than his very own boat. When he was on the sea looking for the marlin.
             he was not scared about drifting out too far because he knew the stars and how to get.
             back. "A man is never lost at sea- (89) Santiago went after the sharks with a.
             vengeance when they came to attack his beautiful marlin, and they did not frighten him. .
             "He hit it (shark) without hope but with resolution and complete malignancy" (102) The.
             old man clearly knew the sharks would continue to come, but he had the courage to fight.
             them off with the same drive and perseverance every time. .
             The old man was mentally strong by letting the great fish tire itself out by.
             allowing it pull him till it gave up. Santiago is proving his own moral choice by not.
             killing it quickly, but letting it kill itself. Also when the sharks were coming to attack the.
             marlin he thought quickly and proceeded to make a spear out of an oar and a knife. His.
             knowledge of the sea and his remarkable fishing skills model the significant.
             characteristics of the classical hero.
             To be in peak physical condition one must be in good health, mind and body, and.
             Santiago was in both. The old man did not stop to worry about his hand when it was cut,.
             and he just carried on. Santiago was extremely tired from fishing and fighting with the.

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