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How Hitler Became One of the Most Powerful Opponent of the W

            Hitler became the most powerful opponent of the Weimar republic because of a number of factors including the effects of the depression on the Nazi party and the Weimar republic, Nazi voters, the effect of Nazi propaganda on the German electoral and Hindenburg prepared to go into partnership with Hitler. There were also a number of political, social and economical factors, which contributed to Hitler's power.
             The Impact of the great depression had a major effect on the Weimar republic. Loans and investment from the USA quickly stopped and repayments of loans, which America had given Germany over the past five years, were quickly demanded back. The number of bankruptcies increased, wages fell and unemployment rose. The German people blamed the Weimar republic and lost faith in them. They soon saw solution, which were being offered by political, left-wing extremists such as the Nazis.
             The Nazi party was well organized and structured; this is shown in the way that the Nazi party distributed its propaganda during elections. In April 1930, Joseph Geobbels was put in charge of Nazi propaganda. He was in charge of a "propaganda machine", which enabled the party to send out party information and instructions from the Nazi headquarters, and adapted to local circumstances. The propaganda used by the Nazis was varied over different regions of Germany so as it could relate to different types of the electorate, and direct it according to peoples economic and social interests. By doing this Hitler reached out to a whole range of people and social classes. Hitler also began using modern technology to his advantage during elections. The Nazi party were among the first parties to release films showing the Nazis and in particular Hitler as the way forward and help portray the messiah-type figure Hitler had made himself to be. The Nazi party divulged the electorate with posters and leaflets and as well as films they used loudspeakers, radio and records.

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