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Speeding in My Neighborhood

             Most of the time when I stick my head out the window or walk out the door, I see people speeding through my neighborhood. It gets really annoying. I've been living here for almost three years. It was a newly built neighborhood, when I first moved there. Since the day I moved there, cars have been speeding like crazy in my neighborhood. There are at least three to five cars speeding through every fifteen minute anytime from 11 am to 8 pm. The speed limit in my neighborhood is 15 mph (miles per hour) and most of the people that drive by speeds like 30-50 mph.
             So far, seven accidents have happened. Out of the six accidents, I witnessed three. The first one happened at the "T" intersection where I lived in front of. One car is going straight and the other one was turning left. The one turning left was going like 30-35 mph without looking and rammed right into the right side back fender of the car that was going straight. The second occurred at the same intersection. Some guy was going straight and making a right turn while going like 40 mph and he hit a parked car which happened to park in front of my house and is a friend of mines. He hit the left side of the car and bended the frame so the car was totaled. The reason he hit the parked car was because he was going too fast, causing him to make too wide of a turn. The third one happened at the same kind of intersection, but two blocks away from my house. I don't know how fast he was going or what he was doing, but he rammed straight into a fence. The other three accidents are all similar to the third accident. The current one happened when some drunk driver that was going really fast and hit a parked car, causing the parked car to rammed into a wooden fence and end in one of my neighbors backyard. .
             I"m not quite sure why they speed through my neighborhood. Maybe because my street is straight and long, so they can test their car with a new part they just installed.

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