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Usability of an Interface

            Assignment 1 - Usability of an Interface.
             This is a report / assignment which will analyze, investigate and evaluate the usability of Visual Basic.NET interface. I will be putting myself in the position of a user of the interface. A user interface is a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system. Visual Basic.NET is the next generation of Visual basic, it's the new upgrade from Visual Basic 6.0, which obviously is designed to be easier to use and more productive. Visual Basic can be used to develop windows based applications and games. From what I have heard from other students and lecturers visual basic is supposedly easier to learn than other languages like C++ and java but I can't clarify this as I only know the basics so far. Up until now I haven't had any previous experience with Visual Basic, I've just mainly heard about. I just know the basics of it from playing about with it so I guess you could say I fall into the novice section. This still gives me enough knowledge in order to analyze Visual Basic.NET, weigh up its good aspects and bad aspects, gives me an opportunity to express my views and justify them. .
             Well from the outset I was quite confused and frustrated with my first experience with Visual Basic.NET. I found the opening windows when in Visual Basic.NET very confusing and misleading. When you open Visual Basic.NET you"re presented with the following screen .
             which basically details information about personalized settings like Keyboard scheme and Window layout. This obviously must be set as the default window when Visual Basic.NET is opened. I didn't want to know anything about personal settings all I wanted to do was to get started as quickly as possible. I had to play about for a few minutes until I realized the Get Started option in the top left hand corner. I suggest that possibly either the Get Started window is set as default or another solution to this problem would insuring it is highlighted in some sort of way that it stands out maybe in bold or a different colour.

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