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            Soap is one of the major detergent cleaning agents. It is use to clean your body from bacteria, dirt and grease. There are many type of soap like bar soap (a solid soap which dissolve in water) and liquid soap (don’t need to dissolve in water).
             How are detergents different from soap?.
             There are many different things from soap and detergent mostly the material that they are made from. The major ingredients of soap making are animal fat like goat fat or vegetable fat like coconut fat this is call fatty acid. It is combining with a chemical call alkalis by heat for several hours. Then salt is added to separate the mixture into two layers which the top mixture is call neat soap. The soap can also add other mixture like perfumes, color, anti bacteria, and builder in a crutcher.
             The first processes in making detergent are adding tallow (beef fat) or reacted with methyl alcohol. Then it is reacting with hydrogen gas to form hydrogenated tallow alcohol. It is then treat with sulphuric acid and then alkali. The products become a synthetic surfactant.
             The detergent can be mix with things like fabric brightener, suds stabilizers, bleaches, builders, and substances call antiredeposition agent (help remove dirt from clean material) in a crutcher.
             How do soap get thing clean?.
             Soap get thing clean by one end soap molecules are hydrophilic (soluble to water) and one end is hydrophobic (attract to grease or oil (insoluble to water). When hydrophobic part of soap molecules surrounds (micelle) dirt or oil it become soluble and wash away. .
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             To obtain information how to make soap go to “” .

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