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A reminiscence

            On Saturday August 3rd 1997 I woke up a ten-year old boy, got out of bed brushed my teeth and ate my breakfast in much haste. I was anticipating the day ahead of me; it was exciting because I was going over to my friends for a sleep over. My mother's best friend with whom she grew up owned the friend's house of which I was going to. Her name was Geri P. and she was a great lady. She looked out for every one else before herself. She- baby-sat me when I was a toddler. I grew up with her son who she adopted through my family who had her son in foster care. .
             The Saturday night that I was staying there we would not be having as fun a time as possible because his mother had to put in over time at her work. James and I stayed up late that night and did all sorts off cool stuff until about 1:00am. At the time we really started wondering weather his mom was coming home that night at all. At around 1:20am James got a call from his father who said it was very important that I go home. I called my mom and she came to pick me up. On the ride home she said that as she was coming through down town turners falls she had seen a car accident involving a mini can that looked and awful lot like Geris. She told me she hoped nothing had happened but she excepted nothing had. I went to bed having not given the situation another thought about what my mom had told me. I went to sleep a 10- year old boy. The next morning I woke up and felt broken. I went down stairs for breakfast and my mom and dad were sitting together. They told me to come have a seat, that we needed to have a talk. She promptly informed me the Geri had died. She had been involved in a car accident she had been side swiped by another car and. She had just been getting out of work. She was thrown 50 feet out into the road she was presumed killed on impact. The man that killed her was bringing his kid's home from the grand mothers funeral. 3 months after that had happened I lost mom more important people in my life.

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