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Off limit Snowboarding and Risks Involved

            Every winter, snowboarders migrate to their nearest mountain to launch from cliffs and to do insane moves that defy gravity. They enjoy spectacular views and show off their skills. However, off limit snowboarding has a high probability for the rider to become injured. What often happens is that unsuspecting fall that tweaks a knee or breaks a wrist. Little mistake can cause permanent damage or even death. It requires physical as well as mental preparation. Before attempting such extreme, the rider exercises intensively and studies the terrain step by step for a long time.
             One of the reasons, why off limit snowboarding is a risky sport, is because of the terrain. The terrain is very steep with huge drops. The rider travels at high speeds with continuous struggle to stay on his feet. The only option for the rider is to stay in control and keep the balance. In addition, snow covers everything hiding uneven surfaces, jagged rocks, and crevices. The rider takes as many precautions as possible. Moreover, some areas are thickly grown with trees, therefore, limit sight and maneuverability. The rider slows down and carries on with caution, trying to omit any obstacles. If he trips, he will get hurt. These injuries include everything from minor bruises and lacerations to broken necks.
             Secondly, off limit snowboarding itself requires entire body input. Specifically, the rider needs to be in an excellent athletic shape. The sport requires strong legs as well as upper body strength to shift body weight during sudden turns, and to maintain the balance. Next, the rider needs to prepare mentally. He picks the route he will travel and studies it carefully. He has to check weather conditions, mainly snow condition and accumulation of snow in the area. He also studies drops and influence of the sun on the mountain. In order to do that, he watches TV and studies aerial pictures. Most importantly, the rider should be ready for emergencies such as prolonged travel, getting lost or drastic change in weather.

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