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Position Paper for Cape Verde

            Located on a number of islands near the western coast of the African continent the nation of Cape Verde is a proud member of the African block. Whenever possible the nation of Cape Verde seeks to work with its African brothers and sisters to formulate policy options it can present to the rest of the world. .
             Cape Verde also feels a close bond to the nation of Portugal. As Portuguese is the language of Cape Verde, and Portugal is Cape Verde's largest trading partner the interests of Portugal play an important role in the formation of Cape Verdian foreign policy. The relationship that has evolved between Portugal and Cape Verde has proved beneficial to the people of both nations. .
             Topic One: The Conflict in the Congo.
             For years the conflicts that continue to erupt on the African mainland have deeply concerned the nation of Cape Verde. The most recent series of conflicts have systematically claimed over one million African lives. This kind of disregard for human life is completely unacceptable to our peace loving people. .
             Now a new conflict threatens to unravel any amount of unity that had been built in Africa. With the nations of Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Chad fighting against the forces of Uganda and Rwanda, war threatens the entire continent. Cape Verde is willing to support anything that would bring an immediate end to the fighting and allow for a long term solution that would break the vicious cycle of death that continues to plague our people. .
             Specifically Cape Verde would like the fourth committee of the General Assembly to approve resolutions that allow for the immediate installation of humanitarian aid. In the war torn portions of the Congo civilians are needlessly suffering the consequences of their leaders actions, leaders they all to often didn't even get a chance to elect. Politically Cape Verde recognizes that Uganda and Rwanda are the aggressors in this conflict and could be punished accordingly by the international community.

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