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Black Holes 10

             According to the theory of relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. There would be a region from which it would be impossible for anything to escape. This region is called a black hole. This paper will discuss the creation and discovery of black holes and many other questions about the inescapable black hole.
             Pierre Simon first thought of black holes back in 1796. His initial findings were based on the now discredited theory of Newtonian gravity. Simon was still able to realize that light could not escape from the surface of a sufficiently massive body. Unfortunately, in Simon's time, there was no way to test his idea. This idea was not actually determined until 1939, when J. Robert Oppenheimer and his student, Hartland Snyder, showed that a cold and sufficiently massive star must collapse indefinitely, becoming a black hole. Oppenheimer and Snyder could have never figured this out without the earlier work of Einstein and his general theory of relativity, which states that nothing can travel at the speed of light or faster.
             Further studies were taken by a German astronomer, Karl Schwarzchild. Using Einstein's equations as a guide, he found that the effects of relativity begin to soar until space curvature closes in on itself and light waves become infinitely long. Such a region would be completely cut off from the outside. His surprising discovery was that these effects occur before one reaches the hypothetical focus of gravitational attraction. If a mass comparable to that of the earth were concentrated into a point, the radius at which these effects occurred would be roughly one centimeter. This became known as the.
             gravitational radius or the Schwarzchild radius. It is ultimately recognized that the .
             Schwarzchild radius was the gate to the black hole.
             So, what exactly is a black hole? A black hole is a region of space-time in which the gravitational field is so strong that any light or other signal is dragged into the region and cannot escape to the outside world.

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