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Abraham Lincoln

             President Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President of the Union of States of America. Lincoln was loved by all in the Union, especially those Republicans. He was the only Republican in the presidential election and won. Lincoln never seemed to have a fear of death, as expressed by the bulging envelope marked ASSASSINATION. Lincoln was the president that wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, a cunningly written document, that turned the tide of the Civil War in the North's favor. He was a very kind and loving (and TALL) man. His stretcher was too short for his body, so they had to lay him diagonally across the stretcher. He even had dreams of his assassination, but those things never deterred him from doing his presidential work. Lincoln was persecuted all the way to his death in April of 1865. It is a wonder whether Lincoln had had another dream about his assassination. He leaves his wife Mary and his son, Robert Lincoln. Those items in his pocket, what do they represent? I would think that these things in his pocket would be things he want to take with him, perhaps him believing in a second- or afterlife: glasses to read, eyeglass cleaner to clean the glasses, the handkerchief with his name on it to identify himself if he were to forget, a pocketknife to remind himself of the factories in the northern part of the Union, and the wallet with the Confederate money in it to remind him of what caused all this sorrow, war, and his death. The cause was states" rights, but it was mainly slavery. So when he gets into the "afterlife" (if that is what he believed in), he will be reminded of what brings sorrow and be able to prevent it from ever happening again. Abraham Lincoln will be able to bring happiness to that "afterlife" and himself. .
             Farewell, Honest Abraham Lincoln. You will live forever in the heart of all America.

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