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Death of Sales Man - Willy Loman

            At the very outset of my essay, I will you to get to know Willy Loman. He's sixty-three years old and is the salesman around whom this play "Death of a Salesman- is constructed. Willy Loman is a traveling salesman who grew up inspired by the success of his salesman father, who left his family for Alaska. His older brother, Ben, who also left his own home, when Willy was young made a fortune in the diamond mines of Africa at the young age of 21 years. An other reason for Willy to become succesfull. Willy believes that success comes from being well liked, and teaches these meanings to his sons, Biff and Happy. .
             But in fact, there are two Willy Lomans in the play. There is the Willy Loman, how we met him at the beginning of the Book, as an exhausted man, which life is soon at the end. And on the other side, the young and self-assured Willy Loman, who appears in Willy's flashbacks and fantasies. Willy, in real life, is tired and defeated by his bad job-career and difficult family life. Although he has a good wife, but the relationship with his oldest son, Biff, is problematic because of Biff's continual failures.
             Willy's suicide is the consequence of a sad man, who has many unrealized dreams, even until his death. In order to believe that he and his family are successes, Willy lies to himself and continues living in a world of illusions. He says of himself that he is well liked in all the towns he visits and by all the customers that he calls on, exactly as his idol Dave Singleman. He also dreams of the fact being vital to the New England territory, so that he will some day receive a promotion for his hard work. These are all lies to himself and his environment.
             Willy also lives in a world of illusions about his two sons, his brightest hopes in life. He is sure that Happy is a content, successful young man and a future store manager. In truth, Happy is a loser, like his father. Willy is even more nave about Biff, since he is the more attractive son, who is an athlete in high school.

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