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Markting Principles

             It is my first day on the job as the newly appointed Director of Marketing for the Boston Celtics. The General Manager has already given me my first task to handle. The current season ticket sales for the Boston Celtics is at a 25-year low. The team currently has sold approximately 3,000 season tickets, however, at the same time last year the Boston Celtics had already 5,000 sold. The General Manager has ordered me to implement the use of promotion, price, and product aspects of marketing to increase the season ticket sales for the upcoming season.
             Promotional planning is one of the key aspects in marketing which I will need to use to complete my job. My plan of action involves communicating with customers, general public, and others through advertising and publicity. To promote a product one must figure out who he is trying to target. As I communicate with the public, I must profile the sports consumer. I will need to do so by profiling them demographically, geographically, and psychographically. Once this information has been gathered I must categorize attendance behavior by user groups who can be related to as potential season ticket holders. The recognition of differences in consumers' background needs and purchase frequencies is a vital stage in the marketing process. Research is the key to a perfect promotional campaign. Interaction through one-on-one surveys and questions will not only help promote the sales of season tickets but will also help in learning on how we, as an organization, could fulfill the needs of our spectators. However, more promoting must be done. Advertising is an essential key in the art of promotion. Since everyone, for the most part, has a computer these days it would be foolish if we didn't take advantage of this. The organization must use the Internet to promote the sales of season tickets. Simple advertising on our own website would promote seals.
             Now that I have promoted the sell of season tickets to the public, it is now time to adjust the price of season tickets.

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