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The Old Man and the Sea novel verses the movie

             The Old Man and the Sea .
             The first movie was quite similar to the novel by Earnest Hewmmingway. In the way that it included the old man Santiago, and the boy Manolin. It protrayed the story of the old man in the sea without extra-added features. Plus the characters in the first movie were more accuratley portrayed and similar with the same characters in the novel. Also in the first movie Santiago(the old man) was more similar to what character I expected from reading the book. The little boy ( Manolin) was also portrayed similar to the way they described him in the novel. The best party of this film I believe is that they didn't use special effects. They made this version simple and as accurate to the book as possible. The second film we watched of The Old Man and the sea, was the less accurate of the two versions. In this version the characters were not as developed, and as real as they were protrayed in the book. There was also a lot of extra cast memembers(such as the tourists& the daughter of Santiago. In this version they also included a lot of special effects. They tried to make it more than the story is suppose to be, by use of extra characters, effects, and more sound music, and lighting. I believe that all those extra effects runined the version portrayal on the novel The Old Man and the Sea. .

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