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Botany on pesticides

             "Emission of Pesticides into the Air".
             In agriculture, pesticides are applied to the soil or to a crop. The application can be made using different techniques, which depends on the formulation type, the pest be controlled, and the timing of the application. The pesticide can be injected into the sold for use as a fumigant or sprayed onto the soil surface. In addition, seeds are sometimes treated with pesticides prior to planting. Crops can be sprayed, for example, with boom sprayers, tunnel sprayers or by aerial application or even treated with systemic pesticides. .
             Pesticides are getting into the air when not properly incorporated into the soil. Most of the soil-applied pesticides are less volatile that triallate, and they can be sprayed onto the soil surface. When the process is done incorrectly a large amount of pesticides can be trapped into the "everyday" air we breathe. Most major areas that are affected are hilly areas and canyons. The cost to determine if the pesticides are getting into the air or if they"re hurting us in the air are extremely costly and time consuming. It is essential to the human body that these test and proper distribution of pesticides is continually performed.
             The reason I chose this article is a little random. My middle name is William. I am named after my father's uncle whom made his career doing pesticide distribution by airplane in the crop fields of Idaho. I never met him, but have always wondered about his experience doing that. After reading this article I only hope that he spent the extra time and effort to make sure that the pesticides were distributed correctly and safe. He died before I was born.

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