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Savage, Sinner, and Saved: Davy Crockett, Camp Meetings and

            Savage, Sinner, and Saved: Davy Crockett, Camp Meetings and the Wild Frontier, was written by, Catherine L. Albanese. This article relays a depiction of frontier mentality during the mid 1800's, and how it came to be. In an attempt to explain how the myth and ritual systems may have organized consciousness for frontier life structure, the author referenced her literature with fictional Davy Crockett Almanacs and various inserts from documented camp meetings. She then separates the different levels of the frontier mentality into three categories, savage, sinner, and saved.
             Possible bias in her explanation includes referencing the fictitious Davy Crockett Almanacs. These almanacs were written mostly by anonymous authors in other parts of the nation. Other bias includes speaking about the Crockett Almanac stories as if they were true. For example, "One sign of Crockett's future stature had been his earliest sources of nourishment. It had been thought best to ween him on whiskey, and later, as a growing child, he would drink a pint with his breakfast and a quart with his lunch." (Albanese p. 488) This statement is not documented, therefore, making it an opinion, which is definitely an example of bias. .
             The author's perspectives and conclusions on frontier life were definitely influenced by the resources she used. She validates her use of these sources by saying that they represent mainstream America and its culture during the mentioned time period. Her opinion is that the almanacs were read by people with extreme pleasure in the East, and the attraction of camp meetings was not limited to the West. .
             Catherine L. Albanese organized her article in an efficient manner. She opens her article with another authors analysis of the same subject matter. Then, using other resources, she attempts to explain the validity of the myth and ritual systems and how it relates to the frontier mentality. She concludes her article, reiterating the main points and closes effectively.

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