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The Photography

            Photography plays a very important role in our lives. Most people take photos to immortalize events such as Social Rite, Defense againts anxiety and tools os power.
             Since a century ago to the present, picture have had an influencial impact in our life because photos give often us "an imaginative possesion of the past". it also helps us to take unreal possesion of space in which we are. Sontag state, ". Photography came along to memoralize, to restate symbolically, the imperiled continuality and vanishing extendness of family life."therefore, most of people take phptos in events where it is considered a social rite. it's the most important of each event because most of families were reunited where member of the family was immortalized to their future generatios.
             Besides, taking photos is most common defense against anxiety. Photos are the best way to turn off anxiety and help to relax. Taking pictures bring relief in are every day life. Sontag says, ".Using camera appeases the anxiety, which the work-driven feel about not working when they are on vacation and supposed to be having fun." several people use camera to take pictures during vacations or trips. They feel more comfortable taking photos because they don't think it is a respective job. This way they will forget about their habit and the habit it become more bearable.
             Therefore, pictures are use by a tool of power. Some people use photos to take evidence about an unfortunate occurrence. For example, in the " Porfolio" we have four different styles of photography where the photographer is trying to show the reader other styles of photos, in which the photographer takes the minimal detail of place and expresion.
             Photography immortalized the most interesting things of our life. it also become a scheme and gives several poeple a look of participation of each event. Photos are the styles in which something is expresed and shows te minimal detail of the past and present.

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