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Audience Reception When It is Our Youth

             Mass media has advanced dramatically since the 1960's. Specifically television and the Internet have come a long way in our technological society. Both sources of media help shape the thinking process and behavior of members of our society. For instance, if the writer or producer of a movie decides to create a new word, for example, ditto' from the movie "Ghost-, it is then established in our lingo and we begin using that particular word. Now, this is just an example of how influential mass media can be on society. For many years television has been advancing beyond norms. Television now has various controls attached to it via satellite, digital and cable means. If there is an emergency, there's a broadcast system that notifies the receiver of what catastrophic event is on the way. As for the Internet, in a split second there is an advertisement that pops up to notify us of what's going on in the world, keeping us up to date with current events. Therefore, I want you to imagine for a moment how mass media can influence a child with visual aids, sound effects, audible words, actors and actresses and more. This is what empowered me to begin a study/research on the topic of children who view and hear pornography and profanity from unsupervised access to mass media "specifically television and the Internet.
             Background and Overview.
             This research will bring about awareness of sexually explicit information available to young audience from two particular mass media "television and the Internet. Through the use of qualitative analysis, one will come to understand how necessary it is for society as a whole to be more responsible for monitoring children's television and Internet usage. One will come to recognize that profanity and pornography is viewed by many children in our nation. The media influences the action and behavior of adults. Therefore, children of all ages are more likely to be impressed by displayed sex on television and the Internet.

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