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Pros and cons of teenage working

             Since I was old enough to walk it seems that I have been able to help my family by working, and was even expected to work. While living in Bluff us kids learned real quick not to ever mention that we were bored, because comments like that would get us sentenced to a few hours cleaning up weeds or maybe picking up trash that would blow in. we never had an excuse to be bored, if we did it was immediately dispersed with a job offer.
             My father's side of the family owns numerous businesses in Bluff, the Twin Rocks Trading Post, Hozoni Pottery and also Twin Rocks Cafe. They were completely family owned and operated and utilized child labor extensively, that is of course my two sisters, my cousins and then me. It was a very efficient way to make money, whenever we needed a few dollars to buy a toy or an ice cream bar we would know exactly where to go, the business was always willing to pay us money for a simple chore that needed done and nobody would want to do or had no time for. We were even well paid starting out at 3 dollars an hour at ages 5 or so and slowly graduating our way up in the income.
             In the United States teenage employment is a very normal trend and is expected and required for certain businesses to survive. Most teenagers will attend school and work part time, on weekends, and more commonly in the summer. This is a quality that only the United States claims, in other nations around the world teenage employment is not near as popular among teenagers. The abundance of jobs in the United States is most likely the cause of this trend. Most working teens in the United States are from the ages of fifteen to nineteen and going to school and working come together with one another.
             Percentages of Teen Workers.
             A study done by Manning throughout the country in 1990 showed that:.
             70% of sixteen to eighteen year olds were employed while enrolled in school.
             61% of tenth graders were working that year.

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