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Analyse Thelma and Louise

             The subject of traveling dates back to our ancestor, to even ancient humans. In those days, traveling meant scattering and one of the means of guaranteeing species survival was to scatter across the planet because of the scarce resources and specific dangers to human kind. If they populate a wide enough area, then no single disaster can threaten the species as a whole. These count thousands years ago and in this essay I shall explain "Traveling" in these days and how this was used in "Thelma and Louise" film. As a review of the film; A road-trip buddy, this deceptively sharp film directed by Ridley Scott stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as two women looking to escape from their suffocating lives, if only for a weekend. After a trouble at a roadside bar, the two run away from the cops, gradually becoming closer friends as they avoid police pursuit together.
             We travel from places to places everyday. As human beings we have achieved incredible goals, found new technologies, and used them in anyway we wanted. We used to walk, and then bicycle was invented and stared riding them. Then the big invention of cars took place then we rode them. And finally the airplanes were manufactured and we rode on them too. We used these all most importantly for traveling. So what makes traveling so important, what is it that makes us move; "Why we travel?".
             We travel all around the world at any time. We can not think of human beings staying still all the time, and there are many reasons for this. In general we could gather them in three major topics. .
             There are people who have to travel. This urgency may come from our jobs, critical health, or anything else. For instance, if I was in a critical health situation and had to have a surgery, I might have to go somewhere else to do so because of the scarce resources of my country or region.
             Some people may travel just to have fun. This kind of group is usually in an upper class of society.

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