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Pro Military Draft

             Military draft: Is it of vital importance to the arrangement of the military or an unnecessary part of the military? The military draft is incredibly necessary and important as to fulfill the need of the nation militarily with sufficient numbers of recruits before, during, and after a time of war. .
             The Selective Service System is a separate federal agency directly under the President. .
             The Selective Service has three basic responsibilities. The first is to provide the Armed Forces with the number of men they need when they want them. While they are conscripting, they are to cause as little disturbance as possible in the civilian economy. Lastly they guide postponements into areas considered to be in the national interest by capable power, such as the Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, scientific and educational groups. (Hershey 3).
             The Selective Service System exists for the purpose of providing the Armed Forces with military manpower an action that they keep up to date. .
             The major procedures in the Selective Service System are registration, classification, reopening, and boards. Registration has a great deal to do with the individual's rights and the structure of the Selective Service System. Arlo Tatum and Joseph S. Tuchinsky report about registration that "the law requires men of draft age, including nearly all American citizens, and most noncitizens living in the United States and its territories, to register for the draft [MSSA 3] (32)." The registration procedure is vital in keeping the military draft as beneficial as it has been in past conflicts. Without organized registration and the large numbers of people required to sign up, the United States would not have enough people to stand behind it in a time of need. .
             The classification department of the Selective Service System is configured around a form that is required to be filled out by any person who is registering for the Selective Service.

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