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Common Traffic Laws

             You are sitting at a red light on a two-lane street. The left lane is either for turning or going straight. The light turns green and the car in front of you doesn’t move. You think to yourself, "maybe they haven't seen that the light has turned green", so you wait a few more seconds. Now frustrated because they still haven’t moved, you honk your horn. You look again, and you can’t go around the car because traffic is now coming. When the light turns yellow, they go and turn left. So, now sitting at the red light you think to yourself, "I sat there waiting for something that could have easily been avoided if they would have used their turn signal. Is it really that hard to use a turn signal?" .
             Have you ever noticed how the most common and easy traffic laws are the ones that people do not do? Is it hard to use your turn signal? Does it take too much effort to slide your hand down on the wheel and push the lever? .
             Another example: say you driving down a one way street and notice the car in front of you putting on their brakes. So you slow down, curious as to why you are slowing down. You notice there is no one in front of them and no apparent reason for slowing down. When they are almost to a complete stop, you wonder, "what are they doing?" All of a sudden they turn right. .
             Do you ever notice these things when you are driving? Do you ever do the same things? It bothers me that someone cannot follow a simple thing like putting on a turn signal. Why do the car manufacturers spend the extra money on parts for the turn signal, such as the light, the wiring, and the lever, when no one uses them? .
             There are other traffic laws that bother me too. Such as stop signs. People just don’t stop at stop signs. There is a street by my house that runs north and south, then a street that runs into it making a perpendicular angle. The people that stop at the street going east, have to wait until the people finished going north and south are done going before they can turn.

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