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Rawanda Genocide

            What influences exist in determining the approach taken by the United States in dealing with modern genocide?.
             The United States decision not to intervene in the Rwandan genocide was in direct violation of the standing U.S. policy at the time, the policy was to work in concert with the United Nations to actively intervene to prevent or halt any genocide that occurred in any country or countries (as stipulated in the adoption of the prevention and punishment of the crimes of genocide, 1988). Underlying this decision is a general philosophy of how to run a government. The United States government was created to serve a specific purpose or function, serving the people of the United States; it's often claimed that a government's sole concern is national interest. As a result, the United States is under no obligation to prevent human rights violations unless it serves the narrowly defined national interests, directly benefiting United States security or economic goals. The United States repeatedly confirms that national interest is the lead concern when dealing with humanitarian efforts, as in the case of the Bosnia-Hercegovina "ethnic- cleansing" (the preferred titling of the Bosnia-Hercegovina events), the delay in reaction, reaction time, and intervention would prove that after the genocide in Rwanda, and the Clinton Administrations pronounced apology for allowing the genocide to occur, that foreign policy dealing with human rights would still take a back seat to Domestic politics.
             In early April of 1994, the Hutu people (the population majority) began a wave of massacre, raping and looting of the Tutsi people (the population minority but political majority) and the modern Hutu that accepted the Tutsi Political power, of Rwanda. The killing and maiming of Tutsi and modern Hutu began with the shooting down of the plane carrying Habyarimana president of Rwanda and Ntaryamira president of Burundi and several other dignitaries, with the leadership of the nation dead his political opponents took the chance to carryout what is known as the Rwandan Genocide.

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