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In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, were the similariti

             Question: - In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, were the similarities between the major powers of Europe greater than the differences?.
             In answer to this question, we must first determine who the major powers of Europe were at the end of the Napoleonic Wars before we can look at the similarities and differences between them. It is only then that we can make a judgement on the question posed.
             Before the Napoleonic era, Europe was a continent stuck in a bygone age of traditional views regarding Technology, Economy, Society and Politics. The subsequent fall of Napoleon in 1815 led to vast changes in the internal infrastructure of Europe and a growing intensification of the political and diplomatic relationships within the victorious alliance of nations who had defeated Napoleon. .
             The decisions taken by the great powers of Europe; namely Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia and also the vanquished France, during the Congress of Vienna in 1815, were ultimately instrumental in the forging of the new Europe and in the peace, which followed the Napoleonic era. Their main concerns upon which all were in agreement for the new Europe focused on three main areas, the restoration and conservation of the European balance of power, the prevention of further French aggression and expansion and most importantly, a period of peace in Europe to allow economic development and the commercial growth of trade between the European powers.
             As the great powers exerted their influence and took a greater control of European affairs territories were expanded, the smaller states became somewhat weaker and as a consequence the great powers became stronger and the balance of power in Europe was once again unsettled. Poland, Saxony and the Rhineland were given to Prussia from Russia and Austria was given territory in Eastern Europe and Italy.

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