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Welfare to Workfare

             United States is the strongest and the wealthiest nation of the world. We act as a caring teacher by solving problems for needy nations when they need our help. We act as a dependable manager by uniting together with other powerful nations to keep peace and economy stable. But why can't we act as a responsible parent and solve our own nation's problems before we take a peak at the other nation's problems? I think that the government should set up more programs such as a work-for-welfare program for people on welfare. Because I strongly believe that people on welfare tend to take an advantage of welfare, and they avoid working. Additionally, welfare has detrimental effects on children, and people on welfare don't have up-to-date skills to get hire. .
             People on welfare tend to take an advantage of the "free" money, and they avoid working. It's a different situation for disabled and seniors--they need help from the government. However, there are millions of people on welfare who are physically and mental healthy. Just because they are in low-income households, does not mean they are not capable of working. According to critics of public welfare in CQ Researcher, "By government hand-feeding the recipients, they are not encouraged to get up and get a job soon as possible, rather just take the charity while you can" (316). For example, if you give a teenager some money and said, "Go get a job soon, but I"ll keep on giving you money." Where is the logic here? Why go to work for eight hours long, strenuous hours when the government insists on giving you the money? Why work when your check comes in your mail? The government thinks that by giving some money to the needy families, it will, somehow, magically solve the poverty in America. The statistics studied by House Ways and Means Committee, Overview of Entitlement Program in CQ Researcher, showed that 49% of the recipients stay on welfare for five or more years (318).

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