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Communist Manifesto

            Karl Marx is a man that had a great affect on 19th century thinking. He revolutionized the thinking of "modern" times and the social classes. He was a German Social Philosopher, Revolutionary, and Radical. Karl Marx, himself, was born into the middle-class in Germany in May of 1818. He went to some of the best Universities, including the University of Berlin and the University of Bonn where he studied law. Marx wrote many papers and manuscripts during this time. He wrote them on the social classes, the processes of production in industry, and the collaps of industrial capitalism. .
             The Communist Manifesto was published in February of 1848 when he was asked by the Communist League in 1847 to write a statement of principles. Friedrich Engels collaborated with Karl Marx to write this. .
             All during this time, all of Europe joined together to prevent Communism, and they frequently put down its ideas. The Communists assembled in London and wrote the Manifesto in order to make public their views, aims and tendencies, and to get rid of the implanted misconceptions of their goal. The Industrial Revolution was changing the European society during the mid 1800's. Technology was booming and new inventions were coming about. People were starting to change the world. The dysfunctional society that was there was going to be replaced by an improved and enlightened one. .
             Karl Marx was influenced to write the Communist Manifesto because of the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie. The people that own all the Industry, money, and workers (Bourgeoisie) are getting richer and richer while the laborers (Proletariat) are doing all the work and they are .
             making the Bourgeoisie richer. The Communist Manifesto states that "All the surplus that goes to the capitalist as profits is in reality the "property" of the working class who created that wealth." .
             Historically, the Bourgeoisie has played quite a role. Whenever they have had all the power, they have eliminated the relationships that constrain people to their superiors, and then all the remaining relations between men are distinguished by self-interest alone.

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