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Good communication equals good business ethics and morals.

            Good Communication Equals good business ethics and morals.
             Ethics and morals are two cornerstones of successful businesses in the world. When these cornerstones are used properly, a business can grow and benefit both owners as well as employees. The problem arising in the workplace today in the lack of business communication within a developing company. Former Secretary of State James A. Baker, III said, "The genius of capitalism is to pacify a destructive human characteristic, greed, into benign self-interest "something we know as incentive'- (Byrne, Arndt, Zellner, & McNamee, 2002, p.30, para. 5). Businesses have set aside the best interest of the entire company and have chose to benefit only the upper levels of management. Through poor communication within a workplace, business ethics and morals are put on the back burner. This leaves the employees of today's companies left out in the cold. .
             Communication is the main artery in the life of a company. An experiment done on the effectiveness of communication within the workforces showed that feedback is on of the most important aspects of communication. Feedback tells the speaker if he is communication. Feedback also lets the speaker know what the audience is depicting from the speech (Pollock, 2002). The communicator must see the message from both sides of the conversation. Is must be clear, concise, and to the point. The communicator must not leave any time for misconceptions to take hold. Management must inform employees of the happening of the company as they occur. They cannot wait a few days, weeks, or hours to provide a full explanation (Pollock). .
             Good management stems from good communication. The presence of good communication is on of the main reasons a manager or company is doing well. Good communication can come from many different sources throughout a company. It has been said that all good manager shave good communication skills.

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