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Comparitive of Hindu Mandir and Catholic Church

             In the religion of Hinduism, a central place of worship is the Temple, also more commonly known as the Mandir. In the religion of Catholicism, the central place of worship is the Church. Although a Hindu Mandir and a Catholic Church come form two completely different types of religions, they are actually very similar in structure and purpose. .
             In Hinduism, each Mandir is dedicated to one specific god. However, a Mandir can contain many shrines to different gods. The shrine is located at the front of the building and usually consists of offerings of flowers and fruit, a lamp, carpet and candles. Most Hindus visit a Temple or Mandir for festivals and some attend the daily arti ceremonies. Inside, the Mandir is usually bright with pictures, images, colored light and tinsel. Shoes are always removed and a bell is rung to announce the worshiper's presence. Food and flowers are offered in thanks to God. A priest performs arti, which is similar to a Catholic mass. Prayer and chanting accompany the ceremony and blessed food known as prashad, is passed out after the worship. .
             A Hindu Mandir always contains many images of gods and goddesses. These can be made of marble, dressed in fine fabrics and decorated with ornaments and garlands of flowers. When visiting the Mandir, Hindus show respect to the god by folding their hands, bowing or lying prostrate and making offerings of food or money. Hindu worship is very personal. Hindus choose when and to which god or goddess they would like to worship. They treat the deities as honored friends, visit them at the Mandir, greet hem at a home shrine, and offer them food before they eat and seek their blessing and help in daily life. The Mandir is also used for social activities, children's groups, or other religious related doings. .
             In the Catholic religion, Churches serve as a place of worship and gathering. There are certain elements and objects that every Catholic Church must contain.

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