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Hempstead v. Garden City

             Many American's consider New York to be the melting pot of our society. The five boroughs are filled with both adults and children of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Many of these children attend racially diverse public schools scattered throughout the city. It is sad to think that just a few minutes away from the city, in Hempstead Long Island the minority students are still being deprived of an equal opportunity education by a mental handicap our society has placed before them called segregation. When a group of Hempstead students wanted to transfer to a Garden City school they were given the run around. This problem in the Hempstead school district is an effect of housing segregation and a direct violation of President Bush's "No child left behind Act." The Hempstead school district has decided to plead their case to the United States Supreme Court. .
             Students in poverty stricken parts of Long Island are forced to attend schools that are not up to par with educational standards. In the Hempstead school district, "schools have been declared in need of improvement for two years in a row." These public schools not only lack a sufficient number of text books but are also architecturally unsafe and often serve unhealthy food. One district school was closed because it was declared architecturally dangerous. Another school's cafeteria was closed because many children began getting sick from the cheap products that were being served. Bus service is not provided for most of these schools forcing many students to walk enormous distances. Overcrowding exists in many classes making for an uncomfortable class atmosphere. Due to overcrowding many students are not receiving the individual attention that they require in order to excel. As a result a large number of Hempstead students are failing and not going on to higher education institutes.

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