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Hope and Science

             Is there hope without science? Were would be if science never emerge? For sure this paper would have never been written as the means, the knowledge and the level of consciousness required to write it wouldn't exist. The world as we know it would have been an illusion. While we reconize the importance of science, why then the system we live in tolarates ignorance, supports " a nation of suckers.up for grabs by the next charlatan who saunters along" (Sagan, 395)?.
             As Carl Sagan mentions in his work "Science and democracy began-in their civilized incarnations-in the same time and place, Greece in the seventh and sixth centuries B.C. This is a idicator of the importance of science in society. The bases od the civilized world are founded in science, and it would be a big mistake to neglect its spreading to everyone. A building with rotten foundation will collapse sooner or latter and history has a lot of examples. great civilizations like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, The Roman Empire collapsed slowly but surely when they shifted their attention from science to other issues like: invasive war, immense wealth, and frantic personal pleasures. We may seem so sure in the system we live in, but is not to be forgotten that this system is so young. Our way of life is not proven successful yet and there is a long way to go. The future of the Roman Empire looked so bright in the first 300 years, it though took more than a 1000 years to show it was going down hill to a very certain end. The backwards to an era that was toppled with the middle age, a dark page from human history.
             Often people stress a point in keeping hopes high. Yes hope is the fuel behind endless experiments, tremendous efforts and unimaginable explorations, hope drove people to all corners of th earth, deep into space and inside the human body. There is no science without hope, but in the same time we get hope from science.

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