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             Banking, online transactions, and also online sales had always been the prime target for the hackers where system breakdown and changing data in computer system can occur. However the security system should provide a very strict and tight guardians inside the computer system in order to prevent the hackers to get in and change the system. The primary fear for the society nowadays is that the existences of hackers really affect the computer system every where around the world, especially the society's daily lives. The hackers can make the banks, the businessmen, or even the companies to go bankrupt directly if the computer systems that they used are easily vulnerable. Once the hackers could enter the computer system, certainly they would change or break the data, in which most of the data was about secret stuff, such as money, company's benefits, and et cetera. By changing the data, some properties that belong to society would be deprived and belong to the hackers. This was the main concern since the hackers" activities can not be seen.
             Part B- IT Background of the Issue.
             The appearance of the modern computer nowadays has essentially changed the way the society communicates and exchanges the information. The old security system was now replaced with the new and deceptive one. One pair of the deceptive security systems was encryption and decryption. Encryption is a process that uses the mathematical formulas and this process worked by combining one data with another so that it would create strange and confused database, thus unauthorized people can not enter the computer system. While decryption is the process of converting encrypted data into the original form, so that just people that own a decryption key can open the locked system.
             There are two types of encryption, the traditional encryption and the modern encryption. The traditional encryption is called as "secret key encryption", in this security program, the user will use particular key in order to mix the information or the messages in the system.

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