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             • DARG rescues dogs every week from 3 municipal dog pounds and leaves nothing behind. After 7 days these animals would otherwise have been put down.
             • DARG also rescues cats and dogs (when space allows) from other sources where there is no one to intervene, to ensure their safety.
             • These dogs are kept in quarantine for 2 weeks where they are assessed for temperament; monitored daily and the frightened and abused ones are coaxed back to life with love and patience.
             • Those requiring veterinary care are treated until they have recovered and can be homed.
             • To date, over 4000 animals have found new homes through DARG.
             • All animals are vaccinated, dewormed, sterilized and vetted by veterinarians before homing.
             • Prospective owners are carefully checked, firstly on the telephone, followed by personal home visits.
             • Animals must be considered part of the family, sleep inside, have regular exercise and veterinary care.
             • The property is fully enclosed.
             • DARG promotes the urgent need for a national Sterilization Programme to stem the rampant pet population. It urges the need for the official creation of posts for veterinarians by the government and local authorities and establishment of sterilization and treatment clinic in deprived areas.
             • DARG is currently negotiating to establish a corporate sponsored Animal Clinic for sterilizing and treating the animals of the under-privileged in Hout Bay.
             • To date, DARG has borne all these costs. 2 years ago the count was 2000 unspayed bitches in this area.
             • DARG has submitted proposals on animal protection issues and has attended the public participatory workshops on the new educational and environmental policies for South Africa. DARG is privileged as an Animal Group to be invited to participate in parliament's "World of Religions" conference to present the inextricable link between violence towards animals and violence towards our fellow man.

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