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Why Babe Ruth is the Greatest Homerun Hitter

            Was Babe Ruth the greatest home run hitter of all time? It could be a fact since.
             he is second all-time on the careers home run list. People can have conversations and .
             lectures about if he is or isn't. But what these doctors are researching is not his baseball.
             ability. But give him test to see how his senses are and how they affect his home run.
             hitting ability.
             Mr. Johanson and Mr. Holmes who probably had no interest in the batting .
             averages of Babe Ruth. It didn't matter if he had a .200 or . 500 average. They took.
             Ruth into a great laboratory of the Columbia University. Figuratively, they took him.
             apart, watched the wheels go around; analyzed his brain, his eye, his ear, his muscles;.
             studied how these worked together; reassembled him, and announced the exact reasons.
             for his supremacy as a batter and a ball player. This will make a model for the .
             researchers to compare to others.
             Baseball sends out many scouts to look over the country and locate talent. They.
             call these scouts "Ivory hunters". If club owners take a hint from the Ruth experiments.
             they could hold clinics and evaluate talent. By doing these clinics it would make it.
             possible to find out if a player will be good, bad, or mediocre.
             The scientific ivory hunters of Columbia University discovered that the secret of.
             Babe Ruth's batting, in non-scientific terms, is that his eyes and ears function more .
             rapidly then those of other players. It says his brain records sensations more quickly and.
             transmits its orders to the muscles much faster than does that of an average man. The.
             test proved that the coordination of eye, brain, nerve system, and muscle is practically.
             perfect. So that proved the reason for his power after 1920 was because of pitching .
             and studying batters disturbed his almost perfect coordination.
             These tests revealed that Ruth is 90 percent efficient compared with a human .
             average of 60 percent. His eyes are 12 percent faster and ears are 10 percent faster than .

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