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The Gospel of Matthew

            I identify myself closely with the religion of "the Gospel of Matthew". Growing up in the northern Mississippi city of Greenville, many beliefs and traditions are instilled in me many which are from the passages of Matthew as he looked upon the people he was speaking to at a sermon on a mount. Reading the passage the values that closely relate to my thoughts and beliefs will be explained .
             Starting from when he stated," Bless the poor spirits, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 5:3), which is stating that people who lack the word of God and live in spiritual poverty will be given entrance into heaven. It further goes on to explain that those people prey for others are comforted by God and that the world will belong to the gentle and lowly person. When you are kind and merciful to others you will receive mercy. The passage "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8), is saying that those who heart is pure, God shall manifest himself to them. The idea goes on to say that those who strive to live in peace will be considered the son of God, for God is the God of Peace. If you are prosecuted for believing in the word of God you will be received by God in the kingdom of heaven. Mathew go on to reveal that if you are reviled against and persecuted on God's account you will be blessed, because it is assessed that God wants you to be happy because you will receive a great reward in heaven. .
             A belief that Matthew teaches is that God wants you to shine before men and show them that you are a righteous man of God and you give glory to our Father in heaven. For, God did not come to annul or get rid of the laws, but it is believed that he came to complete the laws and make all true. Not one dot will be allowed to pass from law until all is accomplished. And if you abide by the laws completely and go on to teach this to your fellow man, you will be of little importance in heaven, but if you abide by all laws and teach the complete laws of God you will be great in heaven.

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