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Detective Poirot

            Poirot and his helpers in "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd- and "Three Act Tragedy-.
             All fiction is an attempt to create order out of disorder and to make sense of personal experience. In the detective fiction it is the figure of the detective, either professional or amateur, who comes in like an avenging deity to solve the crime, the most dangerous problem that threatens society, and restore the order. The detective must discover who committed the crime, and explain the puzzle or riddle the murderer managed to generate. Generally, the detective starts off with a blank slate, and then receives a series of clues, each of which needs to be carefully deciphered and analyzed until a pattern can be formed. At the end he comes up with a solution as to who the murder is. The Great Hercule Poirot is not an exception and it is especially his solutions of crimes that made him a well-known figure among the readers all over the world. .
             He features in a great number of stories, so for the purpose of this essay I have decided to choose only two of them, in which a lot of attention is paid not only to Poirot but also to his helpers and the roles they play. It was in one of her most critically acclaimed mystery novels "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd- that Christie decided on a retired, and very thorough and brainy Belgian police officer as her main character. Thus Hercule Poirot was born into Christie's novels in 1926. Eight years later he plays the part of the great detective in "Three Act Tragedy-.
             As to his appearance, which makes the use of disguise, so typical for Holmes, impossible, we learn in both novels that he is short with an egg-shaped head, quite old, he has a long waxy mustache, which is foreign looking and out of proportion to his size, and his eyes flash greenly in moments of excitement. Otherwise, Agatha doesn't pay too much attention to his physical description. But even these details will convince the readers that Christie did not plan to create a typical English aristocratic detective hero, such as Holmes was.

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