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Fuel vs Electric Cars

             Gasoline Cars are the current method that most people use to travel, but there are a few problems.
             - The fossil fuels necessary to power gas cars will be gone in 80-100 years.
             - Pollution.
             o 40% more than previously thought a few years ago.
             o Major cities covered in smog (LA especially).
             o LA violated current standard 49 days in 2002.
             o 2010 Federal Smog Standards- reduce emissions by 530 tons per day.
             o California- Zero emissions policy originally set for 2007, now pushed back.
             o Children most susceptible to this type of pollution.
             Also cutting back on factory and household pollution, but vehicle emissions are the main focus.
             In 1990, when CA started zero emission policy, General Motors began $1 billion electric car project. .
             The car was called the EV-1. It is a small two-seater.
             PROS- Environmentally friendly.
             Certain privileges/special lanes.
             Tax deduction.
             CONS- Needs better gas mileage.
             Can't go far (120 miles before a lengthy recharge).
             Few options (to conserve mileage).
             ECONOMIC ISSUES-.
             The average price of an electric car was $20,000, for a small car.
             In November 2002, GM decided to abandon the $1 billion electric project because it wasn't "economically feasible.".
             There are 950 electric cars made, all have been leased, GM wants them all off the road by summer.
             Because of the cons of these cars, not enough public interest.
             New solution- Hybrid cars.
             - Honda Civic Hybrid 2003.
             - Toyota Prius.
             - Ford Focus Hybrid SUV/HEV.
             2,000 of the Civics sold per month currently.
             - 15-50% better fuel economy.
             - Important with rising gas prices.
             - 90% less emissions.
             Combine electric motor and gasoline engine- motor used for acceleration and low speeds, engine used for highway driving, both used during regular speed and local driving.
             Estimate- 1 million hybrids purchased by 2012.
             Gasoline cars need to go, a new invention is necessary.
             Electric cars are not the solution, they don't have enough power or go far enough.

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