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The N word

             I personally believe the racial controversy surrounding The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the use of the term "nigger" is ridiculous. People need to remember that this book reflects a time period in which the work "nigger" was commonly used. I don't believe that just because some people are ashamed of this part of our nation's history that we should be made to take the book out of our libraries or schools. .
             The most controversial theme that I think is being displayed by this book is the superiority of white to black people. It is shown numerous times in the beginning of the book for example when he says, "I see it warn't no use you can't learn a nigger to argue." But later on in Chapter 31, Huck decides "All right then, I"ll go to hell," after deciding he was too good of friends with Jim to turn him in and was willing to except the consequences of jail or death for his friend. .
             Throughout the book, Huck and Jim become very close friends as they travel along the Mississippi River and although Jim is considered "Miss Watson's nigger," Huck acts as if him and Jim were close relatives. This relationship between Jim and Huck would have probably been seen as unusual during the time the story takes place because blacks and whites didn't behave that way towards each other around the time Twain wrote this book.
             After reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I in no way feel that this book is racist or written in any way to offend African Americans. Any uneducated reader might stumble onto the word "nigger" and be offended by the use of the word, but an educated reader would notice that word is always used in context with the characters and theme. I believe that the call for political correctness in literature such as this as in censorship or even restricting it to some people, when it was written during a time when being politically correct by today's standards didn't exist, then we are losing pure common sense.

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