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The Aeneid

             In the Aeneid, Trojans followed the Lord's messages closely, so Gods would protect them all the way to Italy to achieve their goal of founding a nation, Rome. However, there were many things to be sacrificed for fulfilling the prophecies of founding a nation. For example, Aeneas was Venus's son and the leader of Trojans after the war, but he did not have freedom in making his own decision when something was related to reaching Italy. He had to do what Gods wanted him to do; therefore, he sacrificed his individual rights for Gods. It was inevitable that everything happened in the Aeneid had to be done according to Gods" prophecies. Anything that came between the Gods" will and the goal of founding the Roman Empire had to be removed, whether it was Aeneas's emotion toward Dido or Turnus who challenged Aeneas to have control over Italy. It was the destiny of Aeneas that he would lead his people to Italy and be the founder of the Roman Empire. Without all the sacrifices in the Aeneid, the new nation which later became the Roman Empire couldn't be created.
             Jove told Venus that she didn't have to worry about her son, Aeneas's destiny. Aeneas's future has been preordained by Jove's prophecies. Aeneas would sail to Italy in order to create a nation there, but he had to fight for the control of the land. Jove says to Venus," In Italy he will fight a massive war, beat down fierce armies, then for the people there establish city walls and a way of life" (Virgil 12). Establishing a way of life for Trojans meant to create a nation of their own, because they couldn't live the way they want without a nation. At First, Trojans needed to find a territory where they could live, because no nation could be created without any territory. They decided that Italy would be their new home. However, there were people living in Italy already, so war was a necessary mean to obtain the control of the land.

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