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Caligula, Domitian and Nero, Who is more Depraved?

             If history has shown us anything, it is that there is seemingly no end to degenerate individuals. From people like Hitler, Stalin, and even more recently, Milosevic, we can see that these madmen come in all shapes and forms. However, the majority of the people that we now deem as mad were far more immoral in their policies and ideals than in what they themselves perpetrated personally. When examining persons such as these in ancient Rome, three stand out in particular: Nero, Caligula, and Domitian. This leads us to the question "Who was more depraved?" Most would undoubtedly say Nero, as he is by far the best known of the trio. However, despite all the indisputably heinous acts committed by Domitian and Nero, because of Caligula's gross sexual deviation, his unethical brutality to the common people, and finally his complete and utter madness, he was far and away more depraved than were the other two emperors. .
             As mentioned above, most of the lunatics history has shown us have committed heinous acts of violence and perpetrated deplorable policies, most often due to their own feelings towards a particular race of people, or perhaps a religion. Few, however, can lay claim to the disgusting sexual escapades in which Caligula participated throughout his reign as Emperor. The earliest instance of Caligula engaging in the previously mentioned incidents occurred when he was between the ages of thirteen and fifteen when his grandmother caught him in bed violating his sister, Drusilla. From this point on, Caligula began enjoying habitual incest with all three of his sisters on numerous occasions. His incestuous nature was to remain with him for the rest of his days. In the second year of .
             his rule, he forced Drusilla to live with him as his wife, mimicking the customs of the Egyptian pharaohs. When Drusilla became pregnant, the Emperor "couldn't wait for the birth of their god-like child and disembowelled her to pluck the unborn baby from her womb .

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