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Satire in Liliput

            The satire in Lilliput's educational system is evident that the children are sent away to school, a sort of "boarding school." The type of school is chosen by the child's parents" status in society, the wealthier the parent, the better the school their child will attend, if the family is part of the poor, working class, then the child is not sent to school. The children are allowed to see their parents only twice a year, for a duration of 1 hour. This is satirizing boarding school in England, where the child would be sent off to school, and not see his/her parents. What swift is trying to show is how ridiculous the educational system really is. The teachers aren't allowed to tell fairy tales in school, if they do, they are immediately fired and/or stoned. This may possibly be Swift displaying a dislike for religion having such great power in society.
             The great war between Lilliput and Blefuscu, is representative of the war between England and France. The war started because the present King's grandfather once cut himself breaking the egg on the big end, so the King at that time, passed a law that all people were to break their eggs on the small end. This upset a few people, who refused to abide by the law, and they fled to Blefuscu. "For 6 and 30 moons past" the two sides have been at war, With this event in the story, Swift satirizes the needless bickering and fighting between the two nations, by using the egg breaking difference, instead of the language difference between England and France.
             There is also satire in the argument between the low-heels and the high-heels Swift is saying that the argument between the low-heels and the high-heels is ridiculous During Swift's lifetime, an equally high level of animosity existed between the various English groups, which considered themselves Protestant, and between the English Protestants and the English Catholics on the Continent. Swift, an Anglican clergyman (minister) himself, is showing how ridiculous such dissention is among people who all claim to be followers of the same path.

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