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Violence on Televison: Not a Threat

             Violence in video games and on television, is it a threat? I say no. Thousands of people play violent games and most of them never do anything violent. Almost everyone has seen some form of violence on television, but how many actually kill because of it? This violent behavior that people blame on the media is caused by what a child sees from his parents, not the television. .
             Video games and television are forms of free speech, guaranteed to us by the first amendment. It is one of our rights, so why should we be able to take these rights away from adults that are making these video games? They are not marketing these video games to children, many adults who have grown up with playing video games are playing these games that people don't want to have around. Television isn't just for children, is it? Most people watch television, and they watch different things. Many people like movies that have killing in them, so why should we take that away from them? .
             Aristotle had a theory, that when people watch a play the emotions depicted releases the emotions they have (Aggression 2). He said that theatrical productions have a beneficial effect on an audience. He called this theory catharsis. Konrad Lorenz, a Nobel prize winner in medicine, also believes that present-day man doesn't have a safe way of discharging his aggression. Aggression is a part of the lives of everyone, not just people who see violence on television. .
             This cathartic theory that Aristotle speaks of is used to drain tendencies toward real-life violence. That means if they see violence that helps release frustration. Cathartic is when aggression is considered to be reduced by some type of response. In the study by Seymour Feshbach, he lined up 625 junior high students at seven California boarding schools and showed half of them a steady diet of violent television for six weeks. He found no difference between the two groups.

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