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Downsizing efforts

             No matter how successful an organization might become or how many employees attend the company picnic, there is always room for resizing a workplace that grows rapidly. This does not necessarily mean that employees will not loose their jobs, nor does it mean that their jobs are secure. On the other hand, it would be a wise idea to prepare for the worst possible scenario. Employees at Okee Fanokee have been experiencing a period of restructuring. However, this event in our small professional world is unique, and it is important to remember that the event affects not only the "downsized," but also those who remain. Downsizing at Okee has left the remaining employees with increased workloads, lack of loyalty, and low productivity levels.
             After OF decided to downsize, the other employees and I at the work site have been working extra hard and extremely long hours. For example, I am the group leader (not supervisor) at my work site; therefore, I am responsible for teaching all of the groups. I also have to get up out of bed at 4:30am in order to pick up the consumers and have them arrive on time for group. Before the downsizing project came into play I did not have to operate a vehicle. Increased workloads have caused me to have a negative outlook for Ogeechee.
             The lack of loyalty is a hot topic among Ogeechee employees these days. At one time, I was as happy working for this company. I had the luxury of working with two very different groups, and then one day they closed one of the programs unexpectedly. Now, I continuously struggle with a lack of trust, because I do not know when they are going to decide to close the other program. I see the company's reward for employee loyalty is to be shut out at any given time. Okee is sending a negative message about loyalty to all of us.
             By sending negative messages weather intentional or unintentional, the production level will be lowered. Production is the meat of the company it is either passing or failing there is no halfway mark in production.

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