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Hamlet Analysis

            Some of the most classic stories in history contain a combination of love, hate and possibly deception. Deception is the act of lying and being perceived as truthful. Throughout the story of Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, deception is an underlying theme that creates hatred and partial insanity in the main character, Hamlet. The basis for the story is the remarriage of Hamlet's mother to his uncle, Claudius, who has killed Hamlet's father possibly out of love for Gertrude or simply to claim the throne. Hamlet's suspicions towards his uncle do not begin to grow until the ghost of his father approaches him and tells him of his uncle's doings. The course of the story begins to consequently unfold with Hamlet having the knowledge of this incident and seeking revenge on his uncle. In light of his newfound knowledge, Hamlet becomes extremely contemplative and even appears crazy to the characters. At a point in the story with everyone concluding Hamlet as insane, his uncle and Polonius, his advisor, spy on Hamlet while speaking to Ophelia, his love interest, to determine if he has grown insane due to his love for her. In a soliloquy spoken by Hamlet immediately before his encounter with Ophelia, he contemplates suicide and questions the purpose of living in a society that creates so much turmoil in human lives. In a powerful and thought-provoking soliloquy he addresses the advantages and disadvantages of suicide and what the afterlife may hold for us. .
             This "Box of Chocolates" we call life, as Forest Gump terms it, never ceases to be inconsistent and disappointing at times. Hamlet understands this and believes that life will never fail to thow tribulations at you. Wishfully thinking that committing suicide and ending all the suffering is "a consummation Devoutly to be wish"d" (III.i.63-64). Life will constantly be filled with misfortune because humans are not perfect and our deficiencies pave the way for our eventual failure.

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