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E commerce vrs e buisness

             In just a short few years, the internet has revolutionized the fundamental way businesses operate in today's economy. From conducting business internally to conducting business with external partners; both domestic and international, the internet is allowing businesses to introduce new approaches and new models to their operations on every level. Nearly every business today is realizing the potential and importance of business to business and business to consumer exposure via the internet.
             Indirectly, one would think that Ecommerce and Ebusiness are similar in definition. Both incorporate the internet in business operations using technology to speed up business processes and both increase efficiency and profitability within the business. However, fundamentally, one is very different from the other. Electronic commerce or "eCommerce" covers the range of on-line business activities for products and services, both business to business and business to consumer, through the internet. Basically eCommerce breaks into two components; online shopping, showing the scope of information and activities that provides the customer with the information they need to conduct business with you and make an informed buying decision, and online purchasing, were the technology infrastructure for the exchange of data and the purchase of a product over the internet is accessible. Online purchasing is a metaphor used in business to business eCommerce for providing customers with an online method of placing an order, .
             Submitting a purchase order, or requesting a quote. (Internet, www.readygo.com) Basically put, eCommerce is the online selling component of a web site. An example of eCommerce actions would be when an individual or business reviews information on products or services on the internet; they are carrying out online shopping. While online shopping they may find a product they want to purchase and place it in an online shopping cart.

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