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Space Station

             The purpose of this space station is for people to learn more about space. The project is for an experience as well as educational. The hotel will also have a science lab to research asteroids, but this lab will be hidden from all guests. The scientists will research asteroids to get additional information on them near the asteroid belt.
             The Main Dangers.
             There are dangers when you chose to go on this wonderful hotel and it is important to prevent them. The sun is a danger, but luckily there is a very neat heating and cooling system to overcome this problem. Outside is a giant vacuum, that can suck everything and everyone up, so make sure you listen well to the crew. Fires in a space station is much more harder to control then on earth, so be sure you are well protected from them and to be careful not to create them. For your own health, make sure you exercise as much as possible and exercising will be in the program when on the space station. There is a big gym fit for all guests and remember this is for your own health. .
             Power Source.
             On the Asteroid Hotel the power will be supplied by big solar panels, which would supply all our energy. The solar panels will produce power all over the space station, as there will be 16 solar panels.
             The Clothing.
             On the space station there are various types of clothing for different occasions when on the hotel. The garments are comfortable and effective. When launching or landing everyone will have helmets, parachute and a back support, which is very comfortable. All the suits will have velcro strips and pockets to carry or hold things on. Suits are not the only type of clothing when on this hotel; you can also wear shorts and t-shirts. The space suit has nine layers so if you do need to wear them they are well protective.
             The Temperature Control.
             In the hotel, you will feel great, as the temperature will be normal. The hotel is located just beyond mars, this means it will be colder than on earth because it is further away from the sun.

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