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Short story analysis

             In the story "Microcosmic God" by Theodore Sturgeon there are many confronting issues about science and technology. The story shows how science can have a direct effect on society. Sturgeon shows positive and negative effects of science on society. The story demonstrates how science and society have a comparable relationship with each other. Sturgeon represents how science and conflict with each other in real life. It also explains how people can manipulate scientists and use their knowledge for world domination. The most significant theme the story shows includes how powerful science is on society as a whole.
             The story includes many types of relationships. One includes an unstable relationship between the genius scientist James Kidder and his tyrant banker Conant. At the beginning of the story Kidder and Conant seem to have an understanding relationship with mutual respect, but as the story climaxes it becomes more apparent that Conant is using Kidder. Kidder is a quite guy who likes to be isolated and just work on his experiments, while Conant seeks great wealth and power. Conant takes advantage of Kidder in many instances. He takes Kidder's inventions and profits off them greatly. Conant knows that he can always have Kidder do all the work and use it to benefit himself. Conant becomes more powerful and wealthy with all the inventions Kidder makes. In the story Kidder stays isolated from society so he can concentrate on his work. He has his laboratory on his own private island. One of Kidder's experiments results in the creation of the Neoterics. The Neoterics are little people who represent evolved humans with vast knowledge greater than anyone. In the story Kidder and his creation express a type of religious bond. Kidder symbolizes a god like figure towards the Neoterics. Kidder controls every aspect of their lives. He supplies the amount of materials and resources needed to survive. He also gives them commands through a teletype in a glass-enclosed area in each corner of the shrine (Sturgeon 5).

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