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No Freedom of Expression

            The first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America sets out certain rights and freedoms that every citizen has. One of those freedoms is the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression can be viewed in many ways; therefore there are many ways that organizations or individuals may be able to take away this freedom from certain groups of people.
             One such group that I have witnessed having this freedom taken away from them recently is a population of both the Middle and High School in Southwestern School District. Recently, these students have had a new addition to their dress code. Before the addition, the dress code simply stated that a student could not wear anything that would be offensive to another student or a member of the faculty or staff. There was also a rule about the type of tank top shirts girls could wear as well as halter tops being against the rules, and mentioning the length of shorts that students could and could not wear. .
             As long as there were no references to alcohol, drugs or any profanity on it, a student may wear any type of t-shirt they wished. The new addition now also outlaws band and music related t-shirts. Many students enjoy attending their favorite artists and bands concerts and many of them may buy a t-shirt as a souvenir. These t-shirts that were once considered as harmless are now have the reputation of some of them being gang related. My question is, if people continue to let school districts make more and more restrictions on what their students can and cannot wear, when will the school districts quit taking away the student's freedom of expression? .
             I do agree that there need to be some restrictions on what students are able to wear to school, in my opinion, however there is a point where it gets a little ridiculous. If this school district were in a big city or metropolitan area, I could understand where the gang reference would come into effect.

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