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Migration of African Americans

            African-Americans Migration to the North.
             Lifestyles of African Americans have changed drastically since the beginnings of time. As you all know, life in the south for African Americans was harsh. They were treated poorly, like animals. As time went by African Americans discovered that there was another way to live, but where? It was the north. They migrated to the north because even though discrimination was still around, it was to the minimum. They also moved and found an area for blacks to start their reconstruction of culture. Also, they moved because jobs were scarce in the south. This is just the beginning of some changes in the black community.
             Discrimination was an act all around the United States, but in some places of the U.S. was worse. The south was predominately the worse in this field. When the abolishment of slavery occurred, African Americans moved to the north to escape the terrors of the south and also to fit a better lifestyle. Some stayed because they were used to that lifestyle but majority of blacks moved. African Americans moved to the north because discrimination was at a minimum and this could start something new.
             Another reason African Americans migrated to the north was the Harlem renaissance. This was a reconstruction for all black Americans. The population of Harlem swelled from 14,000 African Americans in 1914 to 200,000 in 1930. In this area, it was all about blacks building their culture back. This was a big part of the migration to the north.
             Also, jobs were so scarce in the south. The act of treating African Americans underclass occurred heavily in the south. In the north, jobs were more open. Blacks took this opportunity and moved to the north, but as more and more African Americans migrated, northerners became threatened because African Americans accepted low pay and were getting jobs frequently because of this. This opportunity targeted blacks in the south.

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