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Sacred Scripture

             The Greeks also went to worship at the feast. They want to see Jesus and Andrew and Philip told Him about this. Jesus answered them and said that this is really the time of man and He also said that anyone who will serve Him will be glorified and these people will be seen by His Father and also be honoured. The heavens glorified the people and Jesus said that now is their own judgement because He was about to die.
             As I read the passage, I have seen that Jesus was really the Saviour of all mankind. He saved us from all our sins and that He gave up His own life for the sake of our living. If it was not with Him, we may not be existing here on earth right now. He did this because He wanted all the people here on earth to be with Him in His kingdom. He wanted us to have eternal life by going with Him and by following His teachings. He is the Father of all mankind who is ready to help anyone most especially the needy. I realized that God was really good and that He doesn't want to see anyone of us suffering from earthly things but we just suffer because of our own wrong doings and evil desires; these things could just be the consequences of the bad things that we do. In fact, if He was not good, He should not have died on the cross but instead, He should just let all of us die under the hands of his enemies.
             I also realized that God gives a lot of blessings to those people who believe in Him. Like what he said, that those people who follow Him will be glorified. He will give anything to people who has a deep faith in Him and live by His teachings. We could be servants of Christ by doing things according to His own will and also doing these for Christ" name. We should know how to thank Him for all the things that He has done to us and has given us, most especially our life. H wants to see all of us happy and also doing the things that will make our lives to be live into its fullest.

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