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Dracula- The Demon Prince

            The Life of Vlad Tepes, otherwise known as Vlad Dracula, is a life shrouded in mystery and terror. Dracula was born in 1431 in Transylvania; a western Romanian principality bordered by the Carpathian Mountains. His mother, the Princess Cneajna, schooled young Vlad. His father, Vlad II was given the title of Dracul by King Sigismond of Hungary. The name Dracul means "dragon" and was awarded to his father for his valor in defending the Catholic Church against the onslaught of the Ottoman Turks during the fall of Constantinople. The name was then passed down to his son Vlad Dracula (being the diminutive of Dracul "the little dragon") .
             Dracula's father was the authority of every German city of the region and defended Transylvania from the wrath of the Turks. This nobility was rewarded with admission to the Order of the Dragon, this much is already apparent. However, in time Dracul came to realize that numerous political parties in Europe were bending to the will of the Sultan Murad II. The treacherous Vlad secretly signed an agreement with the Sultan betraying his closest of allies, including his dear friend King Sigismund of Hungary. Many times did Vlad appear on the front lines as counselor to the Sultan in battles against his own people.
             It appears, on the other hand, that the Sultan-knowing Vlad to be traitorous of his own people-became suspicious of Vlad's loyalty to him. The .
             Sultan captured and arrested Vlad on suspicion of betrayal. Vlad, in a cowardly attempt to save his own life, left in his place his two sons: Vlad (Dracula) and Radu. While imprisoned in the palace, young Dracula developed an indifference towards human life. He learned that in politics, morality was a foolish trait. He studied and learned the Turkish language and spent most of his time in the Sultan's harem. It was said that in time Dracula began to develop a violent and treacherous demeanor, sometimes even frightening his own guards.

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