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William march's hero

             Have you ever experienced something so beautiful, so magnificent, that any .
             ghastly occurrence doesn't seem possible? Altering judgement, love can blind and .
             misrepresent itself in the most dreadful ways. William March quotes how Love, most .
             dreadfully, can disguise hate. Agreeing with March, love is a well-knitted disguise to hate .
             and can destroy when needed; as seen in "The Scarlet Letter" and with Cao Cao of the .
             Han Dynasty. .
             False love, binding two people together, makes destruction easier to accomplish. .
             Chiilinsworth pretends to love, therefore caring for Dimmesdale-the man who slept with .
             his wife. Seeking revenge, Chillingworth continues to leach out the life from .
             Dimmesdale. Appearing like a wonderful and caring relationship, hate-covered up by .
             love- quickly turns it to death. The beautiful flower of a relationship was removed pedal .
             by pedal until hate accomplishes its most dreadful purpose. .
             Seeming nearly impossible to separate, hate wearing the mask of love, demolishes .
             a precious brotherhood. Cao Cao, sworn to brotherhood with Liu Bei, helps the Han .
             Dynasty fight and annihilate the corrupt authority. Cao Cao then unmasks his hate, .
             revealing that he now fights for the corrupt authority. How can something so sweet, turn .
             sour? In the final battle, Liu Bei kills the traitor, Cao Cao, along with the hate that .
             destroyed their loving brotherhood. .
             Accurate in William March's assertion, "Love can be the most dreadful disguise .
             that hate assumes." In the "Scarlet Letter", Chillingsworth uses love to disguise his hate, .
             slowly leaching the life out of Dimmesdale. Cao Cao of the Han Dynasty uses love as a .
             blanket to cover up his detestable and traitorous behaviors. Love, through hate, can blind .
             and misrepresent itself in order to destroy.

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